YRG CARE is known in India and overseas for its research in the various facets of the spectrum of HIV infection: clinical, psychosocial, epidemiological, behavioral, and other related areas. We present our research at national and international conferences every year, and are published in peer-reviewed journals across the globe. Following are the presentations by our researchers at the Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections (CROI) in 2016.

  • Name
    Conference Abstract Title
  • High Prevalence of HIV Among Wives of Married Men Who Have Sex With Men in India. Srikrishnan AK, Mehta SH, Tomori C et al.
  • Substance Use Is a Major Barrier to Viral Suppression Among Key Populations in India. Solomon SS, Lucas GM, Srikrishnan AK, et al.
  • Respondent-Driven Sampling: An Epidemiological Tool With Interventional Potential. Solomon SS, Srikrishnan AK, Anand S, et al.
  • TB Outcomes With ATV/r and Two Rifamycin-Containing TB Regimens in HIV/TB in India. Jenks JJ, Benson CA, Kumarasamy N, et al.
  • Gender-Specific Factors Related to HIV Risks Among People Who Inject Drugs in India; Sabari B, Srikrishnan AK, Solomon SS, et al.
  • HSV-2 Acquisition Among HIV-1 Infected Adults With Tenofovir-Based ART in ACTG 5175. Celum CM, Hong T, Cent A, et al.
  • ACTG 5273 Randomized Trial of Second-Line ART Supports WHO Guidance. La Rosa AM, Harrison LJ, Taiwo B.