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Sunitha Jayan

Sunitha Jayan

Diploma in Nursing
Research Nurse

Sunitha Jayan has an impressive 22-year-long tenure with YRGCARE. She completed her Diploma in Nursing from Mary Matha College of Nursing in Kerala and joined YRGCARE as a clinical nurse in 2000. Her dedication to research nursing shone through her involvement as a Research Nurse in the Structured Intermittent Therapy Study in 2003.

Throughout her career, Sunitha has actively contributed to an array of clinical studies and has played a pivotal role in various pharmaceutical-sponsored Phase II and III trials. She is a key contributor to study focused on HIV and Hepatitis B treatment capacity.

Sunitha's current research endeavours include a Phase IV trial evaluating the safety and effectiveness of ART in HIV-1 infected individuals, and the National HIV Cohort Program. Additionally, she participates in the study on the development of Early HIV Infection cohort, exploring immunobiological and viral characteristics and effects of early treatment initiation on immune responses and disease management.

Sunitha is an integral to the Virus Discovery and Sequencing and another study conducting seroepidemiological surveillance of COVID-19 immune responses in Chennai. More recently, she has been part of the study which evaluates predictors of resistance emergence in multidrug-resistant tuberculosis patients on treatment.

Sunitha participated in the ACTG Conference Meeting in Washington DC in 2007 and the PHOENIx/A5300B/12003B Regional Training in 2017 in Bangkok, Thailand.