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Development of Early HIV Infection Cohort to Determine Immunobiological and Viral Characteristics and the Impact of Early Initiation of Treatment on the Subsequent Immune Responses and Correlation with Disease Progression and Management

Principal Investigators
Dr. K. G. Murugavel
Funding Agency


To establish a cohort of early HIV infected individuals to explore the viral and immunological factors involved in disease progression


The primary objective of this project is to establish a well-defined and carefully curated cohort of individuals with early HIV infection. By enrolling participants during the initial stages of HIV infection, the study aims to gain crucial insights into the viral and immunological factors that influence disease progression. This cohort will consist of individuals recently diagnosed with HIV and will be closely monitored over time, allowing researchers to track the natural course of the disease and identify critical factors that contribute to its progression.

The research will focus on understanding the interplay between the virus and the host's immune system during this early phase of infection. By analysing the viral load dynamics, genetic variations in the virus, and changes in immune responses, the study intends to unravel the mechanisms that determine the speed and severity of disease progression.